Project Description


Volunteer WV


Commissioners & Staff


2.5-Hour Team Event


Lakeview Resort, Morgantown, WV


Key-hole Punch and Helium Stick

Divergent and Convergent Thinking


Volunteer WV is the state’s commission for national and community service. In a state with great need and opportunity, the commission touches the lives of many West Virginians.

The Need: Create a clear and concise vision for the future to ensure the greatest impact within the confines of available funding and resources,

The Solution: A strategic thinking retreat for the commissioners and staff.  Specific to this retreat leadership identified the intentions of building commissioner and staff relationships, answering how to best impact program priorities, consider the future of volunteerism and service programs, identify additional programming priorities, and consider the internal support structure needed to accomplish work effectively, efficiently and in alignment with commission vision for service.

The Results: The feedback below says it all….

Eric is an outstanding professional who provided excellent facilitation for our board and staff retreat in April, 2016. During the planning period, Eric listened carefully as we identified and later refined our desired outcomes. He was able to take our ideas and goals and work them into a dynamic two-day retreat that incorporated ‘real work’ in an engaging format.  He also came up with creative ice-breakers that really helped our new board members get to know each other and feel part of a team.

Eric’s style is a wonderful combination of making sure the process is interactive and enjoyable but also stays on task. When we came away from the two days, our board and staff felt energized and invested in our work.  We had some tangible ideas for developing our work in specific programmatic and geographic areas.

I would recommend Eric as someone who will work diligently with the client ahead of time to clarify goals and come up with an interactive format to achieve those goals.

Heather Foster, Executive Director, Volunteer West Virginia