Focus Intent offers a range of innovative programs.

Each is customized to your needs.

Each is designed to engage and challenge the learner.


I work hard to provide impactful team development programs, for groups from 5 to 105+. All programs take into consideration group demographics and current stage of development. I take pride in creating customized programming designed to meet both your learning objectives and your budget.

Team Building Tools:

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Our programs will help your team:

  • Bond and improve interpersonal relationships
  • Increase awareness of self and others
  • Expand their appreciation for diversity of perspective
  • Expand their appreciation for the value and challenge of collaboration
  • Focus on what is important and most needed
  • Have fun and laugh together


My workshops will help your team to:

Be more informed decision makers

Think Like A Fighter Pilot: A fighter pilot’s survival is impacted by their ability to take in information and make the best decision possible based on that information (Obtaining Situational Awareness)… hopefully resulting in a better decision than their adversary makes.  These same skills will help your team be better more confident decision makers.

Create a culture of problem solvers

Brainstorming Tools & Techniques: Learn tools and techniques to support a culture of creativity and problem solving. Gain a foundation in the Creative Problem Solving Process and the use of divergent and convergent thinking. Ultimately… learn how to create a team culture where everyone feels empowered to contribute ideas for the best outcomes.

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I can guide your team through:

Strategic Thinking/Planning

Identifying guiding values, answering what success looks like, and aligning efforts and resources for success.

Creative Problem Solving

High Energy fun!  We start with your identified challenge or opportunity and end with a work plan for taking action on the highest and best solutions.  As a facilitator this is by far the most fun I get to have.

Board Development

Non Profit Board Governance and Facilitation – High performing boards continuously evaluate and enhance their organizational foundation… developing the structure and a culture for performance while cultivating fully participating members.  I can help your board focus on achieving more.

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Intentional Collaboration For Good

Dialogue To Achieve Sustainable Goals

How well our communities work together to face challenges and realize opportunities impacts each of our lives. Successful communities know how to leverage their human capital. That level of collaboration relies heavily on a foundation of community engagement. We are happy to help with that! We offer a variety of engagement services.

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With Focus Intent as your goto partner, creating workshops that are memorable and impactful for your guests is a breeze.

Let me make your job easier!