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Team ChallengeCollaboration ChallengeStrategic Thinking/PlanningSituational AwarenessBrainstorming Tools & TechniquesCreative Problem SolvingMeeting FacilitationBoard Development

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Forming…striving to become oriented towards each other.Storming…confronting various differences.Norming…have developed consensus regarding group norms and values.Performing…work as a unit to achieve group goals.

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Our team of trainers spent a day with Eric of Focus Intent.  It was challenging and pushed each of us to greater self-awareness.  Eric is not afraid to ask the hard questions that push personal growth.  Every member of our team took something away from our day together that has helped them to be better at work and in their personal life.  It was a wonderful experience, loads of fun, and something each of us will always remember.  Thank you Eric!
Meg Pletcher, Emeritus Senior Living


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