Team building that fits your goals.

  • Team Challenge
  • Collaboration Exploration “The Pipeline”
  • “Spokes of a Wheel” Bike Build
  • Escape For Team Development

I work with you and your organization to design a team event that meets your specific needs and accomplishes your is desired event outcomes.


A teaming experience: a variety of problem solving initiatives and challenges are used to foster group interaction. Each activity has a purpose, creating the opportunity for team learning and development. Let the challenge begin!

Team Challenge Highlights

  • Exploration of current group stage of development
  • Team strengthening and relationship building
  • Customized mobile initiatives addressing retreat intentions
  • A minimum of 6 participants is required


Build a pipeline and be rewarded with an appreciation for different personality characteristics. Learn how those differences strengthen group work. We begin with an exercise that reminds participants just how challenging it can be to work together moving through a visual presentation on how differently we can view the world to an exploration of personality types. The workshop culminates with a team collaboration challenge called “The Pipeline” that challenges participants to build a freestanding marble pipeline while being aware of their interactions with teammates.

“The Pipeline” Highlights

  • Appreciation for different personality types
  • Learning your strengths and blind spots for group work
  • Large group high energy activity
  • Develop problem solving skills in a group environment


Building and gifting a bike!

Our Spokes of a Wheel Bike Build team event combines the outcomes of positive team development with the gift of a personal bike for children without.

Teams will be challenged to complete tasks to earn the bike parts and tools necessary to build their boys or girls bike. This is a fast paced and high-energy team event with nothing but positive outcomes!

“Spokes of a Wheel” Highlights

  • A novel way to build teamwork
  • Task oriented stages
  • Competitive fun
  • A rewarding feel good event


Be brave and decisive. Listen to each other.  Value individual talent. Act as a team. These well known qualities of a highly effective team also happen to be what it takes to survive an Escape-A-Torium Challenge.  The Escape For Team Development workshop combines a fast paced professional development workshop with an engaging escape room challenge. Bond your organization’s team and develop individual capacities. Laugh and make mistakes. Sweat under the clock. Enjoy the triumphs. You’ll be better for it AND have a great time.

This program is offered in partnership with our sister company Epic Escape Game New River Gorge. We can also offer an escape type experience at your location.

Escape for Team Development Highlights

  • Team development exercises
  • A fun personality type assessment
  • A private escape experience
  • A facilitated debrief learning session

Download Team Building Case Studies

Team Challenge
Connect On A Deeper Level
One Focus, One Voice
Collaboration Exploration


With Focus Intent as your go-to partner, creating workshops that are memorable and impactful for your guests is a breeze.

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