Project Description


Emeritus Senior Living Regional Sales Team


8 Participants ages 24-64, group forming stage of norming and performing


3.5-Hour Team Challenge Event


Mouse Trap Minefield and the personal goals bomb.  Though every activity had lots of intensity, laughter, and quality reflection.


I was referred to the Director of training and development by one of our local adventure centers. She was planning an off site retreat for her regional sales team. Our first call was very productive. She had a firm grasp on the dynamics of her team and what she hoped to achieve from this off site retreat. Noting that the sales team works remotely from home offices across the US and that their time together is very minimal and very important. She presented the team as very diverse in age, experience and backgrounds yet very cohesive as a group.

The Need: The Director of T&D for Emeritus was diligent in describing her intentions for this off site training. She articulated the following intentions:

  1. I want them to work together on their own self-awareness and how each one contributes to the rest of the team.
  2. Completion of a task where all individuals play a role, showing value of each player’s participation while staying focused on the goal of meeting the greater good.
  3. More “passive” team members to step up and play their part instead of allowing stronger members to do everything.

The Solution: With such clearly defined desired outcomes it was fairly simple to create an impactful half-day team challenge event that met her intentions and then some.   A series of team development exercises and problem solving initiatives were crafted to create an activity flow from simple to complex…with time for thoughtful reflection and processing for learning after each experience.

The Results: The quote below says it all….

It was challenging and pushed each of us to greater self-awareness. Eric is not afraid to ask the hard questions that push personal growth. Every member of our team took something away from our day together that has helped them to be better at work and in their personal life. It was a wonderful experience, loads of fun, and something each of us will always remember. Thank you!
MP, National Director of Training & Development, Emeritus Senior Living