Project Description


 Nicholson Construction Company


112 Employees


2.5-Hour Team Event


Stonewall Resort, WV


The Lego Dirt Digger and Collaboration Pipe Line


My friends at Stonewall Resort in Roanoke, WV referred me to the Head of Marketing for Nicholson. She just happens to have a history of event planning for a large entertainment destination…so the task of planning and implementing a very important 60th anniversary off site at Stonewall naturally fell to her. As you can imagine, planning an event for 112 colleagues, many who are flying in from around the country, is no easy task.

Program Design: The Lego Dirt Digger and Collaboration Pipe Line

The Need: This 60th anniversary was to highlight their success and reinforce that it is their ability to be innovative and collaborate effectively that contributes to that success.  Participants would come from their Pittsburgh HQ and each regional office from throughout the US. All levels of the company would be represented, including executives, regional managers, superintendents, administrative assistants, accounting, engineers, field people, and laborers.

The Solution: Based on our conversations and a timeframe of 2.5 hours total we selected the Collaboration Exploration program; a real natural fit given the nature of their work.  Picture complex projects that are planned and implemented by people who may never physically meet…or folks whose work has them working extremely close with no margin of error. The collaboration exploration workshop is constantly evolving with every new group.  The intention of the program is for participants to gain an appreciation of different viewpoints and personality characteristics and how those differences can strengthen the work a group is tasked to accomplish.  The program builds from an exercise that reminds us how challenging it can be to work together, to a presentation on just how different we all might view our world, to an exploration of personality types…culminating with a team collaboration challenge called “The Pipeline”.

The Results: The quote below says it all….

Focus Intent provided a teambuilding program for our 60th anniversary celebration that was inclusive, insightful and entertaining! It was great to see our engineers, field crews, administrators and managers from across the country working together face to face on the activities and tasks. The diverse program gave everyone an opportunity to share his or her talents and strengths. We highly recommend Focus Intent for your next teambuilding event.
Jill Bejger-Frederick, Marketing Coordinator, Nicholson Construction Company